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Paper Content Marks What's in each part?
Part Questions or length % Scale
Reading and Writing
(1 hour 30 minutes)
You have to read and understand the main points from signs, newspapers and magazines, and use vocabulary and structure correctly.
Reading I 5 50% 0 - 35 Five very short texts.
Multiple choice (A, B or C).
II 5 Five short descriptions of people
and eight short texts to read.
Matching each person to a text.
III 10 A long text and ten sentences about it. Say if each sentence is true or false.
IV 5 A long text and five questions.
Multiple choice
(A, B, C or D).
V 10 A short text with ten missing words.
Multiple-choice cloze (A, B, C or D).
Writing I 5 0 - 5 Sentence transformations.
Complete the 2nd sentence with no more than 3 words so that it means the same as the 1st sentence.
II 35-45 words 0 - 5 A short communicative message
(a postcard, a note, an email, etc.).
III 100 words 0 - 15 Continuous writing
You can chose between
an informal letter or a story.
(30 minutes)
You have to understand a range of spoken materials including announcements and discussions about everyday life.
I 7 25% 0 - 25 7 short conversations.
Multiple choice
(picture A, B or C).
II 6 A long recording and questions.
Multiple choice
(answer A, B or C).
III 6 A long monologue and notes on it.
(missing information).
IV 6 A long informal conversation.
True or false
 (six sentences).
(10-12 minutes
per pair of candidates)

You take part in conversations by asking and answering questions and talking, e. g., about your likes and dislikes. Your Speaking test will be conducted face to face with one or two other candidates and two examiners.
I  2-3 minutes 25% 0 - 25 Interview with the examiner
The examiner asks you information about yourself (past, present, future).
II 2-3 minutes Discussion with the other candidate
The examiner describes a situation and gives you a paper with six possible solutions; you have to discuss the alternatives and decide the best one (suggesting, disagreeing, agreeing).
III 2 minutes Extended turn
You have to describe a photograph.
IV 3 minutes General conversation
The two candidates discuss the topic which links the two photos (giving and asking opinions, likes/dislikes, etc.).


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CEFR Level Examination Test Score C.E. Scale Results
B2 FCE 90 to 100 160 - 170 Pass with Distinction
(Grade A)
B1 PET 85 to 89 153 - 159 Pass with Merit
(Grade B)
70 to 84 140 - 152 Pass
(Grade C)
A2 KET 45 to 69 120 - 139 Level A2
A1   0 to 44   Fail


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